DNTU: Our Future Together – Welcomed the Consul General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ho Chi Minh City to visit DNTU

Dong Nai Technology University (DNTU) has firmly established itself on the educational map by announcing its status as a digital university in the digital technology era, which has seen “polymorphic” transformations in numerous sectors.

The event “Our Future Together” – Join hands to building the future: A year-end meeting with organizations, associations, businesses, …

In 2021, to evaluate business cooperation operations and lay the groundwork for collaboration and development in 2022 and subsequent years. Dong Nai Technology University (DNTU) sponsored a business forum on January 12, 2022, with the main theme “OUR FUTURE TOGETHER” – Building the future together. The program will facilitate cooperation between the parties, and it will also allow DNTU to send New Year greetings to ‘our close friends in the our huge family’.

Attending the event, Dong Nai Technology University (DNTU) was honored to welcome honored guests, distinguished partners: Mr. Daniel Coenraad Stork – Consul General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ho Chi Minh City; Dr. Lai The Thong – Director of the Department of Science and Technology of Dong Nai Province and more than 70 domestic and foreign invested enterprises (FDI).

Furthermore, the event’s influence was extensively disseminated by the present of journalists, reporters, media agencies such as Thanh Nien Newspaper, Dan Tri Newspaper, Dong Nai Newspaper, Electronic Portal of Dong Nai Science and Technology,…

On the side of Dong Nai Technology University (DNTU), respectfully present: Dr. Phan Ngoc Son – Chairman of University Excutive Board and members of the University Council, Dr. Doan Manh Quynh – President, Dr. Pham Dinh Sac – Vice President, Dr. Tran Duc Thuan – Vice President for Academic Affairs and other Director and Deputy Heads of Units, Centers, Faculty, and Departments of the university.

At the beginning of “Digital strategy and technology in DNTU education and training”, Dr. Phan Ngoc Son gave a speech: ‘

“Businesses are not only close friends but also strategic partners of DNTU. We are an university requires a long vision and outstanding strategy, and businesses will be our partners and accompany us to develop in this digitization strategy.  Furthermore, the university expects that when businesses accept students from DNTU, they would provide feedback and comments on the quality of the students, allowing the university and the enterprise to produce “high quality products” which will appropriate for the labor market, precisely fitting the requirements of businesses”.

“We need to be friends with the giants, to connect, learn, and develop greater things to climb higher” – The Chairman always says to DNTUers – “and Enterprises are DNTU’s pals. The one with the most friends is the happiest indeed”.

Dr. Phan Ngoc Son – The Chairman of University Excutive Board

Regarding the development orientation in the medical field, Dr. Phan Ngoc Son shared:

“We’ve observed a scarcity of frontline medical workers as well as medical facilities after two years of the Covid-19 pandemic. With ten years of expertise in medical education, I see the need of collaborating with Dong Nai Technology University to improve medical personnel training as well as medical examination and treatment services in Dong Nai province and the surrounding regions, particularly industrial zones with a high concentration of enterprises, companies, and people that require access to medical services.”

Dong Nai Technology University’s hospital development strategy plan for the next five years was also approved by the goverment of Dong Nai Province as well as the Consul General of the Kingdom of Netherlands in Ho Chi Minh City’s companionship, ideas, and strategic advice as well as Philips Vietnam to provide contemporary medical equipments.

Mr. Daniel Coenraad Stork – Consul General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ho Chi Minh City attended and witnessed the signing ceremony of a cooperation agreement between Philips Vietnam and Dong Nai Technology University (DNTU), said:

“It a great honor to see Philips Vietnam and Dong Nai Technology University (DNTU)  collaborate in the realm of health. In Vietnam, our goal is to foster economic collaboration and investment while also contributing to the world’s third sustainable development goal, which is to ensure that everyone has access to health, happiness, and prosperity. Furthermore, the Netherlands is a major supporter of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and aspires to work with and share knowledge with Vietnam.”

Prior to that, the Consulate General of the Netherlands in Ho Chi Minh City, Philips Vietnam Co., Ltd., and the Board of Management of Dong Nai Technology University (DNTU) met and worked on educational development cooperation as well as the construction of a digital hospital as part of a strategic cooperation agreement between the parties.

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