You Are Welcome At Dong Nai Technology University

Dong Nai Technology University (DNTU) is a private university in Dong Nai, established in June 2011. The precursor of the school is Dong Nai College of Technology. The strength of the school is training bachelor’s degree specializing in the fields: Technology (environment, chemistry, electricity, automobiles, electronics, construction, manufacturing machinery), Nursing, Medical testing, Information technology. In 2035, DNTU will become a reputable applied research university in Vietnam and Southeast Asian region, with a modern educational environment for learners and for community. According to statistics, the rate of students having a job after graduation reaches 93%, the number reflects honestly the effectiveness and training capacity of the University.

Dong Nai Technology University welcomes all international students and appreciates the contributions and diversity they bring to our campus. DNTU students are encouraged to embrace challenges and be open to discovery. DNTU openup in helping students to develop their skills, achieve their future academic and repair for the future career-based goals. DNTU now offer 04 majors for International Students: Medical test, Nursing, Chemical engineering technology, Environmental engineering technology.

International Students, please refer to the information below for important dates, document requirement and application procedures.

The International Affairs Office – Dong Nai Technology University (DNTU).