DNTU student participated in the ‘International Community Development Program’ in Indonesia – The “first” trip is full of great emotions

As the Covid-19 pandemic occurred in 2002, the opportunity to “go abroad” for educational opportunities, cross-cultural interactions, academic subjects, and international cooperation came to a complete halt. The university’s international external activities are still being established in 2022 with an emphasis on connecting and assisting students to take part in cultural exchange programs after the epidemic is under control and the flight routes border is lifted.

The International Affairs Office – DNTU successfully sent student Nguyen Ngoc Thanh Quyen (from Business Administration major) to BINUS University, Indonesia, on August 21, 2022, to take part in the short-term “International Community Development Program”.  The two parties (Dong Nai Technology University and BINUS University, Indonesia)’s aims are working together to support cultural exchange and exchange between students from the two universities and international students in the ASEAN region; take part in workshops on the topic of design-thinking; develop their ability to think creatively; work in teams and build communities; and visit and experience the media culture in Malang City, East Java, Indonesia.

“I am very happy that my application has been accepted by DNTU and BINUS, and I am also ready for this trip…With a dynamic spirit, confidence, and a lot of professional knowledge of DNTU students; My responsibility will be heavier when it is not only my personal spirit but also the spirit of DNTU students and Vietnamese students… I would like to sincerely thank the teachers of the school, the teachers of BINUS University for their support and created a lot of good conditions for me to have this trip.” – said student Nguyen Ngoc Thanh Quyen.

Gubug Klakah Village, Poncokusuma District, Malang Regency – a tourist village at the foot of Mount Bromo, is currently developing tourism potential with homestay facilities owned by people. To explore the obstacles that people have to go through, students observe interviews with local people about the obstacles encountered in the process of improving quality of life and tourism.

Dr. Diah Wihardini, Binus Global Director, explains:

“Through this activity, students from different ethnicities, countries and backgrounds have the opportunity to learn to understand each other, empathize and work together. each other to achieve a goal”.

In the future, Summer Program activities like these will become routines that enrich students’ international experience.

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