DNTU students looking for opportunities to study abroad with the Webinar Program with Johns Hopkins Carey Business School (JHU Carey – USA)

On January 20, 2022, Dong Nai Technology University (DNTU) had an online seminar with Johns Hopkins Carey Business School (JHU Carey – USA).

It was DNTU’s honor to have Dr. Oksana Carlson – Associate Dean, Global Collaborations attended the seminar as our main speaker. Along with her is Mr. Mickey Ye – Project Coordinator, Global Collaborations.

The seminar’s theme was ‘Graduate Business Programs in the U. S.: Building a Strong Application.’ With the extremely engaging sharing of Dr. Oksana Carlson, DNTU student learned about John Hopkins Carey Business School and its graduate training programs; How to prepare the US student profile and the academic life of international students in the US, especially at John Hopkins Carey Business School.


In order to increase the ability to study at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School (JHU Carey – USA), students need to try to practice their strengths, inherent skills and strong specialized knowledge. In addition, to increase the ability to apply, students should have:

  • Show your abilities clearly
  • Present your experience and work you have done
  • Join the live interview
  • Let’s talk about your strongest point

DNTU students asked a lot of questions and interacted with the speakers

The program was conducted entirely online, yet it drew a great number of students who took the time to seriously register, showing their desire to study overseas.


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