Happy New Year to Lao and Cambodian students

Organizing Lunar New Year for Lao and Cambodian students of Dong Nai Technology University

Bunpimay (Lunar New Year) is a traditional Tet for all three countries, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand. Bunpimay is not the same time as the traditional Tet of Vietnam and some other Asian countries, but it is counted according to the Buddhist calendar. Traditionally, Bunpimay takes place throughout the fifth month of the Buddhist calendar, beginning on the sixth day of the fifth month and ending on the fifth day of the sixth month, during which the main holiday of Wun Salong is celebrated on the moon. round. Currently, Bunpimay is held from April 13 to April 16 every year, when the sky is high, big rivers are plentiful with water representing a new year with many talents.

 Students of Dong Nai Technology University at the conference

In order to encourage the spirit of Laos and Cambodia students who are living and studying in Dong Nai province during the Tet holiday of their nation, on April 7, 2019, at Dong Nai University, Bien Hoa City, Ban Provincial Party Committee propaganda coordinated with Department of Foreign Affairs of Dong Nai Province to organize “Friendship Cultural Conference to welcome Bunpimay Tet with Laos and Cambodia students”.

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The ceremony to welcome the new year

In the friendly cultural exchange session to welcome the Bunpimay Tet, students from Laos and Cambodia studying at Dong Nai Technology University and other colleges have received good wishes from provincial leaders Dong Nai. In addition, you will receive gifts, envelopes and lucky money from provincial leaders as well as invited guests to attend the conference.

Giving flowers and gifts to Consulate General of Laos and Cambodia

Also at the ceremony, each attendee was tied a thread by the students of Laos and Cambodia with the belief of a happy and happy new year. The songs and lyrics of the students of Dong Nai Technology University along with the beautiful Lama dance of the Laos students brought a joyful atmosphere to the exchange.

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Laos international students at DNTU and DNU









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