After the Fanpage of International Affairs Office – DNTU announced the ISVMP 2021 program organized by UPN Veteran Yogyakarta University (Indonesia), students of DNTU are boldly registered to attend the workcamp continuously for 03 days from 20 to 24/5/2021 about diverse activities such as listening lectures, group work, design and presentations…

The program facilitates international students to discuss and teamwork together with their international friends. They divided 10 small groups from different countries to work together, creating a super cute buddies system and a strong team spirit.

‘This teamwork activity makes it possible for everyone to learn about the” Multicutulism and Diversity “cultural diversity of all countries throughout ASIAN. However, because of the online organization, the connection was not completely good and The program is organized for international young people attended so it is easy to cause conflicting views such as religion, ethnicity, history or politics … ” – Nhu Huong, Hoai Nam and Ngoc Tung (students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages) share their experiences after completing the program.

In fact, Nhu Huong’s group excelled at the Best Poster Award, and the group of Hoai Nam and Ngoc Tung won the Best Presentation Award ‚̧ Most importantly, they made many international friends to tell them about Vietnam and how interesting DNTU is.

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