The Semi-Final of English Speaking Contest “SPEAK UP! 2022”

The English Eloquence Contest “SPEAK UP 2022” which included students from Dong Nai Technology University (DNTU) and overseas students from ASEAN countries, was awarded on April 15, 2022. The conference “Digital Transformation: Advantages and Challenges” was held at Dong Nai Technology University’s Hall G.

This is a useful playground for students to meet and exchange with worldwide friends, share foreign language learning experiences and improve mutual understanding, express creative ideas, talents, and teamwork skills using their English skills.

The competition teams (including DNTU students and overseas students) recorded a video introducing their team members and presentation subjects to the Organizing Committee before the semi-final, and the film was put on the Faculty of Foreign Languages’ fanpage. In general, the works submitted to the competition show a significant investment in terms of graphics and content quality.

There were 25 teams in the semi-finals (10 teams from Dong Nai Technology University and 15 teams from ASEAN universities under P2A organization). The competition round was held simultaneously on the DNTU “stage” and through the MS Team online form with overseas students.

The Judges Panel for the Semi-Finals:

  • Ms. Listya Ayu Saraswati – English Department, BINUS University (Indonesia)
  • Ms. Nancy Huynh (MSc. Huynh Nhu Yen Nhi) – Vice Dean, Faculty of Foreign Languages, Dong Nai Technology University (Vietnam)
  • Ms Kenneth Balaga Necesario – Lecturer Faculty of Foreign Languages, Dong Nai Technology University (Vietnam)

Dr. Nguyen Minh Thien – Dean of Faculty of Foreign Languages, DNTU gave the opening speech of the semi-finals

The competition judges are all experienced instructors

The English Contest’s content will be centered on the theme “Digital Transformation: Benefits and Challenges.” The evaluators focused on the participants’ three primary abilities: project planning, teamwork, and English presentation. In today’s global learning and working environment, these are equally essential abilities.

The aforesaid materials are also highly rich and realistic, in addition to the ability to talk effectively and professionally in English. The entries showed that the students had a thorough comprehension of the subject. Each candidate’s ability to boldly express themselves fluently in English on the stage of “Speak Up 2022” is the product of their efforts, burning enthusiasm for English, as well as exploration and research. The judges not only listens, but also gives additional questions to have the most correct assessment.

When international friends from the P2A organization participate in the program, it adds to the motivation and provides a setting in which they may practice and demonstrate their English communication abilities. Create a stepping stone for DNTU students to practice their English skills in an international setting.

International students from Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines did not hesitate to “register” to participate in the contest with the desire to express their views, as well as have the opportunity to exchange and learn with friends everywhere. .

At the end of the semi-final round, through receiving, evaluating and scoring, the jury selected 06 teams to enter the final round including:

  1. Feminism team from DNTU – Vietnam
  2. FED team from Sunway University – Malaysia
  3. Team AUP from Adventist University of the Philippines
  4. APA team from BINUS University – Indonesia
  5. Wandering Minds team from Sunway University – Malaysia
  6. Team The Boys from Sunway University – Malaysia

Feminism team from DNTU – Vietnam

Congratulations to the 6 teams competing in the final of Speak Up 2022!

The final round will be held on April 22, 2022.

P2A was founded with the goal of serving as a link between regional universities and colleges, assisting in the development of high-quality human resources through educational exchange programs and student development. each ASEAN country’s career The P2A network’s philosophy is based on the phrase “One Vision, One Identity, One Community.” P2A is an official member of Dong Nai University of Technology (DNTU). This English Speaking Contest, dubbed “SPEAK UP 2022,” is one of DNTU and P2A’s bonding activities, with the goal of improving teaching and learning methods while also extending internal and external partnerships country

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