‘You will never be completely at home again, because part of your heart always will be elsewhere. That is the price you pay for the richness of loving and knowing people in more than one place.’

– Miriam Adeney

There is no doubt of uncertainty when moving for a higher calling, fear will always be your tail — but it’s all gonna be worth it. Moving in unrecognized country of Asia will never be a regret as part of my adventure and experienced — Vietnam. I consider this country as one of a kind, a hidden treasure that is yet to bloom and be recognized in it’s perfect time.

As the plane landed way back 2018, I felt the most welcoming atmosphere as a newbie. Although tense and worries are inescapable for what is about to happen, yet , I was quite excited deep inside because I know that this country has a lot to offer in this journey. After 2 months of familiarizing the people and their living,I decided to check for job opportunities and landed in an institution that will always be part of my wholeness and growth — Dong Nai Technology University, a small and private institution with a huge heart to educate and mold young individuals seeking for foundation and experiences to be fully developed in playing a vital role as intentional citizen of this country and beyond, learning this school vision thrills and spills my passion in the world of teaching.

When I first stepped in this school and looked around, I saw students and faculty members craving to learn the language that connects us with the world, and teaching the English language created relationship that connects my heart to everyone around me. DNTU offers a nature friendly atmosphere and facilities in helping the students to focus and enjoy the process of learning which also stirs my enthusiasm as a teacher as they offer a very convenient system of education. Vietnamese students in this institution are very empowered, friendly, cheerful and hospitable. They will always help you in times of confusion when dealing differences.

The culture of this country is very unique that could easily connect with the others, such as the people, cuisine , social habits and arts. I highly appreciate their food, taste of fashion and belief and unlikely to agree with their traffic system and reckless drivers.

More love and adventure to come!

Kenneth Rey Necesario

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