‘The 2021 International Student eMobility Program’ – Be Different In Every New Experience

During the pandemic situation in Vietnam as well as in your country, the organization of virtual online programs such as the series of events ‘The 2021 International Student eMobility Program’ lasts 2 weeks from June 22, 2021 to July 02, 2021 with the main theme ‘Media Communication Trends & Techniques’ organized by the Multimedia Malaysia University in collaboration with the Faculty of Applied Communication (FAC), is the best idea these days.

Learning to communicate well is completely different from working in the communication field.

Creativity and innovation as well as flexibility and changeability to adapt to new trends are some of the conditions to be able to expand personal aesthetics and explore more skills of themselves in this field at the same time.

With topics ranging from Brand identity to innovative stop-motion animation techniques, DNTU students have tried to arrange their hectic final exam schedule to attend this full course of 14 sessions and conclude their semester. Not only that, international teamwork is also a ‘specialty of international programs like MMU’s.

‘I learned a lot about Media. Regarding the final products that my team made, it’s amazing, I don’t even think I can make such products, I think only professionals could do it. However, everything went smoothly until the teamwork part..’

Bui Anh Tu (3rd-year student – Faculty of Foreign Languages) humorously shared.

Anh Tu also added that the reason why he hesitates talking about teamwork is that he can only interact online with his teammates from the Philippines, Indonesia and the UEA as well, so it is difficult to work with each other effectively. Indeed, during times like these, how do we miss the time of face-to-face communication, isn’t it?

However, GROUP 6 including Anh Tu and Bao Ngoc (2nd-year students – Faculty of Foreign Languages) still contributed an extremely colorful cultural performance in combination with the Tiktok effects to show in the Closing Ceremony, ensuring to impress the organizers.

One of the most highlight parts of the program is the collection of interesting lectures from MMU’s lecturer as well as artists and producers in the Media and Arts industries. Typically, Firdaus Hashim – who worked on the outstanding movie Life of Pi. Currently, he is the Co-Founder of Mira Digital in Malaysia. This experienced trainer led a color correction lesson for the students to show them how to keep up with modern video trends using Davinci software.


With the support of Firdaus Hashim, GROUP 7 (including students from DNTU and Mercu Buana University, Indonesia) won the BEST VIDEO EDITING award. Moreover, the group also won the 3rd prize of the BEST INSTAGRAM CV category.


“Regarding the output products of our group, we have mastered the software before, so it is easy to grasp and use to create the best products for the group. Fortunately, Vietnamese friends are divided into the same group, so everyone is very “united” every time they “happily discuss” about creating the best products’.

Vuong Thien An (a student of the Faculty of Foreign Languages and also a member of DNTU Media team) with his emphatic sharing, made everyone in the group laugh.

In the last days of the program, the students have introduced to the new stop-motion animated animation. The trainer this time is Ms. Qistina, a quite famous artist in this field and surprisingly, DNTU also won the BEST STOP-MOTION VIDEO award with the video Film is not Dead by GROUP 8.

The trainer of the Stop-motion Animation lesson – Ms. Qistina

“After participating in the MMU program, I feel very happy to be able to exchange and study with friends from Indonesia, Philippines, and Malaysia. This is my first time participating in a program like this so I am very excited. In addition, the topic of the program is my expertise and interests. I have learned a lot about teamwork, communication, responsibility… The trainers are very funny, dedicated and the lessons are easy to follow. The tasks that the teacher gave us were not too difficult, it was just that the time was a bit short. In the classroom, it is very fun. Everyone always helps and supports each other”.

– Warm sharing from the Leader of GROUP 8 – Le Vann Ngaing (3rd year student – Faculty of Technology).

Hopefully, over the past time, DNTU students enjoyed new experiences and had many special memories to tell their friends and family about their experiences. The International Affairs Office wishes our partners and students good health and safety, especially during the pandemic ❤

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